Raciti. The painting of the unknown

14 March - 2 Mayo 2010 | Reggio Emilia - Palazzo Magnani

The exhibition, curated by Sandro Parmiggiani promoted by the Province of Reggio Emilia, with the support of the Foundation Manodori, CCPL, BFMR Chartered Accountants, Firm Sutich-Barbieri-Sutich of Reggio Emilia, Euromobil, Montana and Assicurazioni Generali traces, through 100 paintings, including a number of large altarpieces, 50 years (1959-2009) of one of the Italian painters of the most intense lyricism. In the course of his career, Mario Raciti (Milan, 1934) has pursued with great consistency poetics that uses the tools and techniques of painting to try to put a face - but leaves transpire only traces, fragments of images, larvae suggestions - to what the artist himself must remain secret and hidden, by its nature unspeakable, unrepresentable in its complete entirety.