Puglisi.The Mediterranean. Coasts and constellations.

07 - 25 April 2011 | Stra - Museo Nazionale Villa Pisani

curated by M. Goldin

Giuseppe Puglisi and light of the Mediterranean are the protagonists at the National Museum of Villa Pisani in Stra, long the Brenta Canal which leads to Venice, April 7 to 25. 
"The Mediterranean. Coasts and constellations "arrive at Villa Pisani another great historical residence, the Palazzo Ducale in Genoa, where the exhibition was proposed last January, met with a real interest by critics and the public.
"Puglisi. The Mediterranean. Coasts and constellations "is curated by Marco Goldin and is made with the decisive help of Euromobil Group of Lucchetta brothers.