Perez. Sculptures

22 October 2005-19 March 2006 | Brescia, Giardini del Castello

curated by Alberto Fiz and Nicola Loi

A charming display in the gardens of the castle, with about thirty works of Augusto Perez, a famous exponent of Italian sculpture of the twentieth century, by Arturo Martini onwards. Stranger than instances of the time, his work has had, since the evidence youth considerable interest from critics - wrote the famous Cesare Brandi in 1959 and the text of Guttuso 1958 - unanimous in stressing the originality of research that has been moving in the direction of overcoming the formalism, through a study manager, and a keen sense of form. Starting from a figurative art influenced by Marini and Manzù, Perez has gradually given to his figures a very suggestive lyrics and unmistakable typing. His work directly invest the real world to know, express the meanings, avoiding the abstractions from fractures or too sharp. Made of plaster, bronze, cement - his material more daring - and substantially centered on the human figure, these sculptures know how to dialogue with reality, highlighting the unique expressive and communicative skills of the artist.