NON TI SCORDAR DI ME. Portraits of the Artist by tri-Venetian

24 March - 20 April | Castelfranco Veneto / Teatro Accademico

texts by Dino Marangon and Michele Beraldo

Giancarlo Gennaro is one of those characters that has many things to tell.
The fact that later in life face the photographer, complete even the way he could, with the stroke denoting style and sensibility.
An adventurous life, to this Cittadella citizen of the worldo.
An artistic experience at the highest levels, with teachers and hosts who have developed the 'innate talent, curiosity endemic to know and tell the beauty of worlds always different and distant, are testimony to his many trips.
As he flew to the meridians and parallels of the planet, tireless globetrotter armed with SLR and telephoto lens, so his innate curiosity led him to travel the paths of research and technology applied to photography, so that the potential of its exhibition catalog ranges ... themes and provocations different, fascinating.
At some point in his artistic and professional life path has led him to meet the family Lucchetta galaxy, a rare example of entrepreneurs and patrons, which the world of art owes a great deal.
A successful challenge, then, that we are going to talk about in this original staff that sees Giancarlo Gennaro magister narrator faces, stories, walking trails, art is the expression of life and reason.
Thanks to him, to the artists who made ??it possible, by providing their faces, you could tell this story to an audience of fans or just curious, of course, thanks to the family Lucchetta, unfailing and generous supporter to all could be realized.
Giancarlo Saran
Councillor for Culture of the City of Castelfranco Veneto