12 October 2003 - 7 March 2004 | Gorizia, Palazzo Attems e Castello

The city of Gorizia celebrated with a great anthology his illustrious countryman. Zoran Music was in fact born in the capital Isonzo in 1909 and here he spent his childhood and was the first visual stimuli about painting. The exhibition is definitely the greatest tribute that the Italian has ever been dedicated and is a few years after the happy occasion of being able to explain, with a review summary, at the Grand Palais in Paris, the city of music for many decades, together with Venice. The exhibition is divided into two sites Gorizia. The painting is housed in the renovated rooms of the Palazzo Attems, while work on paper finds its place in the halls of the castle, with some useful frameworks to tie the various landscapes. In total, to be exhibited over 150 works, such as to effectively trace the stages of the work of one of the greatest European painters. Nothing is missing its cycles famous, both for design and for the painting, with that sense evocative always distinguished him. Designed it the concentration camp at Dachau or he painted the hills of Siena, the appearance of horses or the profile of a cathedral in the light of a golden mist, Music always made ??the charm of a mystery that has never stopped on threshold of reality.