Monet – Places of Painting

29 September2001 - 10 February 2002 | Treviso, Casa dei Carraresi

curated by M. Goldin

Despite the world have taken place, and continue to be held annually, many important exhibitions dedicated to the work of Claude Monet, who have analyzed the progress from the most different points of view, incredibly in Italy still lacks an exhibition that will rebuild, so sufficiently large, the path. Acknowledged father of Impressionism, which one of his famous painting has given its name, Monet is the basis, among other things, of many experiences that have crossed the figurative art since the twentieth century.  Few other artists have covered with their lives such a long time of hard work, ranging from the first paintings in the sixties of the nineteenth century on the coast of Normandy to the extreme tests in the twenties of the twentieth century, admirably carried out in the garden of wonders in Giverny . This is dedicated to Monet is the fourth leg of a journey, which began in 1998, the Foundation Cassamarca and Linea d'ombra wanted to reserve the culture of Impressionism. With exhibitions that have attracted a growing number of visitors, up to 235,000 admissions obtained by The birth of last year, making the press speak of a real "case Treviso." Now, with this initiative dedicated to one of the best known and loved artists of all ages, kicks off a five-year program which will alternate in the House of Carrara monographic exhibitions and shows the highest Impressionist painters that move from impressionism to illustrate the highest aspects of European and American paintings from the same period. The exhibition in Treviso then, thanks to the collaboration of the most prestigious museums in the world, intends to present for the first time in Italy, with about 100 paintings, the long journey of Monet.E you can not report in this regard the contribution , enthusiastic and extraordinary, the Musée d'Orsay in Paris, the temple of Impressionist painting, intended to give generously, even with the loan of seven fundamental works, something that was unusual and therefore more rilevante.La shows still moves at an angle from very special, and that is the look on the painting by Monet made ??in the various places where, in the course of his life, he found himself to paint. Considering the fact that it has always been great for him the importance of the idea of ??"place," as we often came from his letters revealing. And how it was important for him to be able to immerse themselves constantly in these places, and almost sink into them, were the London fog, red dazzled Venetian houses, the sparkling of tulips in Holland, the great snow of Norway 's horizon of Paris, the south of the Mediterranean summer, the calm quiet flow of the Seine, the waves of Normandy or the plots of the flower garden at Giverny. And the places it is crucial to the passing from one to another, and enter things into play the idea of the journey, the movement that is not only geographical itinerary but also, and sometimes more, real space of interiority. This grand opening marks the highest results achieved by Monet, this exhibition is strongly testify.