Mediterranean. From Courbet to Monet to Matisse

27 November 2010 - 1 Mayo 2011 | Genova, Palazzo Ducale

curated by M. Goldin

Painting the sea, its size, the idea of the infinite and yet also inscribed near you, is something that in the nineteenth century assumes a significance hardly forgettable. To the north are the visions of Friedrich strongly spiritual or storms flickering and magmatic Turner, south of the Mediterranean coast and its immediate hinterland of Provence, of course, is the meeting point of several generations of French painters, definitely five, that the scope of the first classicism and realism then you tend to the dissolution of the wonderful color in the field of Bonnard near the border with the mid-twentieth century.
LThe exhibition at Palazzo Ducale want to study, using about 80 paintings from museums and collections around the world, this journey into the magical color, so that Van Gogh wrote: "Color changing, you never know if it's green or purple, you never know if it's blue, because the second after changing reflection has taken on a shade of pink or gray. "Yet the coast of the French Mediterranean prevailed with considerable delay in the perception of the landscape painters had at this beginning of the nineteenth century, just at the moment when Pierre-Henri de Valenciennes published his famous treatise on the representation of nature. Persisted the idea that the notion of the Mediterranean was close to the sense of antiquity and the Roman world in the first place. So the reference to the Italian coast, as Members of this go back to the old places, dominated the paint.