Licata. Mediterranean Soul

22 July - 15 October 2011 | Malta / Valletta -National Museum of Archaeology / Museum of Fine Arts

curated by Sandro Debono / Giovanni Granzotto

Another great exhibition of works by Riccardo Licata. This time in Valletta, Malta, in what is his most important museum, the National Museum of Archaeology. The exhibition, curated by Sandro Debono and Giovanni Granzotto, includes works from the fifties to the most recent, including silver filigree work made especially for the occasion, creating an additional point of encounter between the artist and the country in which he found, thanks to an interesting text of the historic Carmel Cassar, its roots. On display are works made with different techniques, including paintings on different media, mosaics and tapestries. In addition there is a section called "cards of the Mediterranean", at the National Museum of Fine Arts, which will recent works, created on paper by the Master.
The event, sponsored by the Euromobil Group, is sponsored by the Ministry of Heritage and Culture, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Italian Embassy in Valletta, Malta from Hermitage, INAC National Institute of Contemporary Art from Italian Cultural Institute in Valletta.<.
In the heart of Malta's capital, visited throughout the year but especially during the summer by thousands of tourists from all over the world, there is the National Museum of Archaeology, which hosts art exhibitions always masters of international importance. This confirms, with this exhibition, the protagonist in the arts
The exhibition is accompanied by a catalog of 128 pages in color of the series "Museums" published by Verso l'Arte Editions