Le Courbusier el artista

2 January - 25 March 2010 | Fundacion Atchugarry Punta del Este Uruguay

Heidi Weber

Le Corbusier a Punta del Este: a complete exposition of the great revolutionary of modern architecture, presented the Foundation Pablo Atchugarry. The great architect, then already famous, arrived in the capital Montevideo in 1929 where he had contact with the University and with the elders of the city, immediately drew modern projects and proposed the creation of new, futuristic districts.
The real praise for the great effort that requires exposure so demanding, it is important to another artist, the Uruguayan Pablo Atchugarry who stubbornly wanted to host the headquarters of the foundation that bears his name shows. A tribute to the great creative but also to his country and that even isolated so far from everything: even in those years had the ability to invite other end of the cultural world such a challenging character.