Hartung. L’oeuvre ultime

26 July - 18 October 2009 | Gaeta - Caserma Cosenz

curated by Nicole Laffont

Showcasing the latest work of the artist, with sixteen large paintings, made shortly before the death of the artist, which is celebrating the twentieth anniversary. Paintings born of vital energy that expresses a real euphoria in the last days of a life dedicated to art.
The exhibition is organized by the City of Gaeta with the sponsorship of the Lazio Region, the Province of Latina, in collaboration with Monte - Carlo International Art Harmony International Foundation of Arts and the Cultural Association "Twentieth Century" and the contribution of Euromobil Group.
The binding of Hans Hartung with the city of Gaeta went from a privileged witness, a friend, the art dealer Antonio Sapone, born and deeply attached to this city, who met the artist in the sixties. Antonio Sapone was the first to expose these magnificent paintings in his gallery in Nice. It witnessed the birth of the last work. Event that so recalls: "Hartung had gone through a long period of immobility. Shrunk in on itself, vigorous man felt his strength leave him. Even her arms seemed heavy, useless ... Everyone was aware that his death was near. But there was a last gasp. One day, Hartung woke up asking to go down with his wheelchair up to his study. It happened at his home in Antibes, which later became the foundation Hartung Bergman. I was there. I saw his astonished gaze ahead to the tools and brushes. A look similar to that of a child who discovers a gift waiting a long time».
Two days later, Hartung ordered the huge canvases, four meters by three. For the first time in his career, the painter stood apart, took his distance with respect to the canvas to give up physical contact with the substrate. Armed with a pump intended for the treatment of the vine, Hartung nebulizzava its colors in the study and, with the same cast, the ideas on his work. An explosion of which the walls still bear the stigmata.
In front of his stunned assistants, the artist had come back to life, found his creative impulse. He had nothing more to prove, but nevertheless felt the urgent need to go beyond, to continue to outdo. Performed a creative act of a singular modernity, in absolute freedom.
Within the space of the old barracks sober Cosenz, an ingenious set design places around the pillars sixteen large paintings. Around them an exhibition of photographs and documents takes visitors universe Hartung. And, if a summer storm will shake the quiet town of Gaeta, the lightning will enter the room to witness the brilliant inspiration that sparked this. Lampi who terrorized the young Hans Hartung and the photographer never ceased to capture. Since it is undoubtedly in the immediacy of light that art finds its true size.