Guccione. The Mediterrean

27 November 2010 - 6 January 2011 | Genova - Palazzo Ducale

curated by M. Goldin

Guccione. The Mediterranean, the Palazzo Ducale anthology dedicated to Piero Guccione, on the occasion of his 75th birthday, contains 35 of the most beautiful works that the artist has devoted and continues to devote to the sea in a relentless search for pictorial, which began when returned from Rome to live in Sicily. Here, in the landscape of the island, said in his work places found childhood, starting a dialogue between eyes and remember that he originated a long and uninterrupted pictorial survey of changes made??, sustained, in-depth. And it is from the eighties - the year which begins this exhibition - the search for Guccione you are featuring more and more sensitive to the rarefaction of the image in a progressive symbolic tension as if the sea did more and more capable of melting point itself the visible appearance of things with their infinite inner resonance.