Guccione. The light blue

22 October 2005 - 20 January 2006 | Brescia, Museo del Risorgimento

curated by M. Goldin

A show full of blue this that some thirty works - all choicest and most important of the entire artistic career of Piero Guccione - a tribute to an artist who has been able to recreate "exactly and infinity" poetry sweet and expanse of sea and sky . The sea Guccione has dedicated many of his finest works - paintings and pastels - since 1979, the year of his final return to Sicily. They work in which he told the places found childhood, and their first impressions and emotions first, thus starting a dialogue between eyes and remember that he originated a long and uninterrupted pictorial survey of changes made??, sustained, in-depth. From the sea seen from the bay of Sampieri the sea and then to the sky as absolute as pure blue crossed by endless variations of light according to the different time of day, or how you pose the air. Between these two points extends the search for Guccione, well represented in this exhibition, a research firm and patient, which slowly turns the sea and the sky in unique vision of blue. The paintings are covered by a multitude of subtle signs, all designed to express the wonder constantly renewed before these spaces, to the identification of color and matter, where the blue turns into pure pictorial space.