Guarienti. Beyond the real

11 June - 19 September 2010 | Verona, Museo di Castelvecchio

Paola Gribaudo

The Castelvecchio Museum, the exhibition of the painter Carlo Guarienti, more than twenty years after exposure monograph of his work held in 1988 at the Gallery of Modern Art in Palazzo Forti. The exhibition, sponsored by the City of Verona and supported by the Region of Veneto and Cariverona Foundation, as well as by Euromobil Group, presents paintings and sculptures made ??by the artist between 2004 and 2010 and is accompanied by an extraordinary work-environment created by artist in Canossa Palace, sixteenth-century architecture capital Michele Sanmicheli and in this room Boggian through a specially made video. The exhibition is divided into two mirror each other: the Castelvecchio Museum are exhibited paintings and sculptures belonging to the last period of the artistic production of Charles Guarienti, including the study of the painter in the evening (2009), The study of the painter in the morning (2010), the threefold gift of Waiting Picasso, Durer Waiting and Waiting for Godot (2010) and the dramatic portrait with the nails (2009). The second moment is constituted by the opening of the extraordinary studies of Canossa Palace, home of the artist during his youth.