From Van Gogh to Picasso. Masterpieces of French design of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries

11 October 2003 – 15 February 2004 | Belluno, Palazzo di Crepadona

curated by Kevin Salatino and Marco Goldin

A second, equally important opportunity linked to the review of Treviso, is given dall'imperdibile fact that provides the city of Belluno. The privilege is to be able to host one of the world's finest collections of works on paper dedicated to French art of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. It is preserved in the collection of the Department of Graphic Arts at the Country Museum of Art in Los Angeles, exceptionally, and for the first time, out of the headquarters of the largest museum in California. Result of some enlightened donations, through the long path between Ingres on one side and the other Picasso and Braque, summarizing way, through 70 sheets sensational, an adventure that touches on many fundamental points of the art in the land of France. In fact, the purity of the sign of Ingres, with a portrait of his most beautiful, cross the Romanticism of the season to reach the Barbizon school and Impressionism, when so radically changes the idea of ??paesaggio.â? But is are then also beautiful lunettes by Pissarro, Degas pastels of overtime and two of the most famous drawings of Van Gogh, the Bridge at Langlois and the Postman Joseph Roulin, chosen for its beauty and its reputation as an image of the exhibition.