Finzi. Disease expression

12 february - 27 March 2011 | Castelfranco - Teatro Accademico

curated by D. Marangon e M. Beraldo

At the end of the 70 Ennio Finzi seems to lose the compass that so far has focused his research. A painting that pays tribute to the colors at the beginning of Impressionism. The altered expression of Munch. Subsidiaries freedom chromatic Léger. That accepts and passes the revolution aniconic Kandinsky adopting new tonal impressions suggested by the grammar of Arnold Schoenberg's atonal. A painting that coexists well with the geometric abstraction and does not mind the harshness of space Lucio Fontana and dripping Pollock. In his works, the explosion of imagination chromatic dispersion is not likely because it is contained by controlled perceptual structures, ousting emotional and subjective mode of painting. But this approach is not going to last. The antennas sensitive artist seem to vibrate in a different direction. Captures other changes. In 1978 Finzi is in crisis. What's going on? He says it himself in painting Fifty told. Break into the art scene and the new trans-figuration. "The crisis meant not so much to consider whether a possible return to figurative, that still does not stimulate me and I was not interested. But it still makes sense to look at what fate had up to that time. " The creative impasse lasts two years is not easy. Among suffered thoughts and abortive attempts. Until you pick up a pencil and paper to not discharge their discomfort. 1981. Born 43 large cards exposed in the review of Castelfranco. All deliberately without title, all the same size. Works that show new aspects of the Finzi. As if he had introduced into his pictorial vocabulary again able to expand extensively the previous one with the inclusion of the figure. Although not in its entirety. Partial images that enhance the particular eye similar to the core of the sun that looks inevitable. "Diseases of the expression" defines the author. They range from the profile of a face enclosed in an unbroken line inside which floating blacks blue red yellow are hung in thin wires of the same color. To the exciting faces lit between Expressionism and Fauvism oozing suffered fixity in his eyes darkened, pull over to liquid stains dripping