EMILIO VEDOVA and HANS HARTUNG on the trail of the informal European

16 October 2011 - 08 January 2012 | Sacile / Studio d'Arte GR

Curated by G. Granzotto

Protagonists of post-war international Hartung (1904-1989) and Vedova (1919-2006), hit the art world since the end of the '40s to their painting violent and tormented. Already in 1948 are both acclaimed for works exhibited at the Venice Biennale, participation in which is repeated in '52 and in '54, to the recognition that comes in 1960 when she won the Grand Prize for Painting. During the 60s, their style, clearly distinguishable, becomes synonymous with two different meanings of the Informal and during the following decades, the two teachers continue their production lines always new always remembering, however, the historical and cultural background from which they started. To date, their production has been of major retrospectives at major museums around the world.

Art Studio G.R. pays tribute to Hartung and Vedova presenting an exhibition that brings together essays art produced since World War II until the '90s. The exhibition as a whole thirty-five works through the various stages of the two creative artists, with some basic background Informal evidence in Europe represented by works by Karel Appel, Asger Jorn, Corneille, Georges Mathieu, Gerard Schnider, Paul Jenkins and Antoni Tapies. The show follows an exhibition divided by author arranged chronologically display that puts particular attention to the size and the ability to constantly reinvent itself by the two authors starting from the panorama of Informal.

An elegant color catalog brings together the illustrations of all the works on display with the integration of other works that do not fit in the space. The same will be accompanied by a critical essay by John Granzotto and reflections and testimonies by Mauro Corona, Leonardo Conti and Alberto Pasini.