EAST ZONE. ANTONIO BEATO, FELICE BEATO AND ADOLFO FARSARI. photographers from the Veneto through the east of the nineteenth century

17 December 2011 - 1 April 2012 | Piazzola Sul Brenta / Villa Contarini

Curated by Magda di Siena

They told the world when photography was still experimental, were protagonists of the birth of photojournalism and reportage. They discover Japan, and the wonders of Egypt, the European Championships, took the photograph in the lands of the East, starting from the Veneto. They are Felice Beato and Antonio, two brothers greek-Venetians, and Adolfo Farsari, Vicenza.

An exhibition, the emblematic title "East Zone", for the first time documents the expanded their art. Telling also a cultural exchange between the East and the Far East Italian, exchange in both directions since the three photographers Venetian influenced the history of photography in Japan, but from this and other countries visited drew elements that influenced their way of "doing photography. "Of note as the exhibition proposes next to the images of the three protagonists, a gallery of photos of comparison, to give an account of how these distant lands were able to attract and captivate photographers of different origins.