Dinetto. Harmonia

4 december 2010 - 30 January 2011 | Treviso - Palazzo dei Trecento

curated by F. Di Leo

Palazzo dei Trecento returns to privileged venue of the city of Treviso..
To Lino Dinetto is the first in a series of exhibitions devoted to the masters of great renown and great artistic commitment that the Department of Culture Vittorio Zanini has planned, together with the re-launch of the "Premio Treviso", held every three years.
A very impressive exhibition, organized by the prospects for the city of Treviso, with the decisive help of the Group Euromobil by Lucchetta brothers. Conegliano designed by architect Mario Mazzer, with large white panels and curtains impalpable, gives shape to a fluid path and unobtrusive, to allow the visitor to contemplate the monumental canvases, sculptures unpublished works of small and medium-size master Venetian Lino Dinetto.