Civic Collection of the design of Salò. New Acquisitions 2004-2010

11 December 2010 - 9 January 2011 | Salò - Sala dei Provveditori

Curated by M. Riccioni

The Civic Collection of Drawing Salò is a concrete example of a project that for twenty-five years continues unabated through the work of development and growth of a collection that now has more than 620 drawings by grouping some 350 artists of the contemporary era. An exhibition of new acquisitions by artists of national importance now, in conjunction with an exhibition dedicated to the younger generation who are confronted with the story, creates a unique opportunity to understand how art possesses those universal content that combine the "old" to new . These are the values ??that will undoubtedly focus attention on the creative abilities that should never be forgotten. We must be aware that the artist is the one who through a technique and also their own abilities, can produce a product capable of communicating to the public its content. This is certainly the most sincere principle of a communication model that has often been confused and that is why it has created the most suitable products to attention of fake collectors and dealers, with respect to an attentive, competent and able to separate the artist talent who simply want to provoke. This initiative has those contents related to the talent and the production of works of art through techniques that have always existed. For this reason, even the students of the school will be eligible for an exceptional opportunity for enrichment and an unquestionable support, especially for those matters now less incisive in the teaching plan, and instead feed the creative abilities of each student. The project is a particular highlight the fact that in a single event included three interventions are significant with the presence of absolute value that is placed in full view of the twentieth century. They are linked to a single tradition, which is that of the drawing. Of particular importance is also the fact that in this event is also considering the possibility of creating fascinating teaching laboratories focusing on graphic techniques. All this makes this performance a presence in the area of Lake Garda undisputed artistic depth.