Bruno Donadel. The sentiment of color

29 November 2009 - 30 January 2010 | Solighetto, Villa Brandolini

The exhibition "Bruno Donadel. Sentiment of color," sponsored by the City of Pieve di Soligo with Euromobil Group and the participation of Farra di Soligo, is one of the central events of the multidisciplinary review "Paesagire", which also offers this years to keep alive the reflection and public debate on the issues of landscape, nature, culture and memory. The exhibition offers a reading of the rural world of the last century through the eyes of a privileged witness, who was able to transfer his experience of life in the vibrant core of the poetic. The exhibition brings together some 160 works, including paintings and drawings that reconstruct a period of more than half a century of uninterrupted creativity. Through painstaking research in private collections have been discovered paintings of great interest in the 60s and 70s, have never been exhibited until now, testifying to the quality of the painting of Bruno Donadel and its refined sense of color, the result of the tonal taste of the Venetian tradition with a voltage expressionist that has few antecedents in the region. This artistic experience can thus be reconsidered in its entirety, in proper historical perspective, thanks to a complete reconstruction of the periods that mark and the facets that compose it.