Arturo Martini

8 November 2006 – 4 February 2007 | Milano, Museo della Permanente

cutared by E. Pontiggia, C. Gian Ferrari, L. Velani

Milan and Rome: 100 works to celebrate the artist has changed and renewed the language of twentieth-century sculpture. On the 60th anniversary of the death of Arturo Martini (1889 Treviso-1947 Milan), Milan and Rome dedicated to the greatest Italian sculptor a Retrospective with more than 100 works from public and private collections, on display at the Museo della Permanente and Stelline Foundation Milan and, in the next stage, the National Gallery of Modern Art in Rome. The exhibition, curated by Claudia Gian Ferrari, Elena Pontiggia and Livia Velani, documents the entire arc creative artist, from 1913 to 1947, through the works of both large and small, which express all the tenacity and dramatic intensity with which the artist has created forms and themes with different materials Outstanding loans make the exhibit a unique opportunity to admire the works of Martini, some never before exhibited, with unusual combinations and sequences. At the Museo della Permanente for the first time you can see a group of works on the theme of "thirst", one of the many figures desiring Martini: Thirst of 1932 from a private collection, Thirst of 1934 the Civic Collection of Art Milan and thirst (Man drinking), 1933-36 GNAM of Rome.