Art Color Science Project. Costalonga/Costantini

28 March - 20 June | Treviso, Museo di Santa Caterina

curated by E, Dezuanni, G. Granzotto, E. Pouchard

The exhibition is the second event of the cycle on a single theme Programmed and Kinetic Art to Veneto, provided the multi-annual program of contemporary art exhibitions at the Museum of Santa Caterina in Italy and launched in November 2006 with the series of biennial exhibitions entitled Spazialismi compare and dedicated to Space Movement in Venice. Even this review, like the previous one, presents two artists whose work shares some common features essential: the production of groups or classes of works typologically equivalent based on unique projects and executive processes planned according poetic consistent and established procedures. At the completion of this second series of exhibitions, organized as all the previous ones, by Elsa Dezuanni, art historian, and Giovanni Granzotto, art critic, working the Art Studio GR Sacile (Pordenone), under the coordination the art critic Ennio Pouchard and the necessary sponsorship of Euromobil Group, Assicurazioni Generali / General Agency of Treviso and Editor GMV Books