Art Color Science Project. Campesan/Ormenese

13 November 2010 - 13 February 2011 | Treviso - Museo di Santa Caterina

curated by G. Granzotto, E, Dezuanni, E. Pouchard

The exhibition is the third event of the two-year cycle on Programmed and Kinetic Art unique to Veneto, provided the long-term program of contemporary art exhibitions at the Museum of Santa Caterina in Italy and launched in November 2006 with the series biennial exhibition entitled Spazialismi compared, dedicated to Space Movement in Venice. The two artists, Sara Campesan and Ben Ormenese, they initially set their research in painting on possible innovations in color and material of the painting - on different levels, but equally original - directing, however, in the early sixties, to surveys vocations expressive radically different materials and for both employment in non-traditional artistic production: Sara Campesan mainly methacrylate (in sheets and sheets of perspex), transparent or colored by hand;Ben Ormenese wood, paper, but also as an accessory structure, the perspex and iron. To this should be added for their common practice to design and produce groups of works typologically homologous, equipped with two qualities typical of programmed art, and more specifically kinetics, as the mutability perceptual and the ability to stimulate psychological and behavioral reactions by the user. The planning and implementation of this second series of exhibitions, organized - like all previous issues - from Elsa Dezuanni, art historian, and Giovanni Granzotto, art critic, working the Art Studio GR Sacile (Pordenone) , in coordination with the art critic Ennio Pouchard and the necessary sponsorship of Euromobil Group, Assicurazioni Generali / General Agency of Treviso, Editor GMV Books. The works on display - seventy - starting from 1961 Sara Campesan and from 1967 Ben Ormenese is distributed in two different views, which are well in evidence periods of total interruptions as a result of radical changes typological operating policy decisions, or facts which are reference biographies.