Franco Costalonga

High regard exponent of Kinetics Art, Franco Costalonga (Venice, 1933) began his career as an engraver and etcher achieving a premium to the LI Collectiva della Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa. In the second half of the sixties is part of the "Dialettica delle Tendenze", founded by Domenico Cara, and begins to use new materials in his works, thus obtaining original surfaces, which generate three-dimensional shapes. These researches led him later to get close to the "Sette-Veneto", of which the president is Bruno Munari and which is connected with the "Centro Operativo Sincron" of Brescia. He develops a personal research around the light, changes color-perception of modular structures chromatic-cinetic analytically opposite, creating visions rarefied and suspended but always based on a clear and rigorous geometric construction space. The survey iconic of Costalonga goes round in circles: the Elicoidi doppi in 1977, the Strutture sui movimenti di simmetria in 1980, the Pseudorilievi in 1990, the Strutturazioni and the Destrutturazioni in 1995, the Curve modulari in 2005. Operator visually active also in furniture and design, Costalonga won numerous awards in these areas. He has also participated in exhibitions both Italian and foreign, including: The XI Quadriennale of Rome in 1966, four editions of the Biennale d’Arte di Venezia, respectively XXXV, XLII, XLV, XLVI, The Grands et Jeunes d'aujourd 'hui: Art cinetique-Peinture-sculpture at the Grand Palais in Paris in 1972, L'Internationale Kunstmesse Art 5 of Basel in 1974, the Costructivismo at the Universidad Central in Caracas in 1976, and the section of Arte-Scienze-Colore of the XLII Biennale of Venice in 1986, the Libertà tra Arte e Trasgressione of the Victoria University of Melbourne in 2000.