Attilio Forgioli

Attilio Forgioli was born in Salò in 1933. He studied art at the Accademia di Brera in Milan, where he has as teachers Ropes and Reggiani. In 1956 he exhibited his first paintings and drawings at the gallery Alberti of Brescia and in 1961 he held his first solo exhibition of drawings at the Galleria Spotorno. In 1962 the first solo exhibition of paintings at Galleria San Fedele in Milan. It comes in succession personal and collective in Italy and abroad, and in 1965 he exhibited at the Galleria Bergamini with which establishes a partnership that allows him to give up teaching in the middle school devoting himself exclusively to painting. During this time he traveled to Spain with Zeno Birolli and to Sicily, which will influence his paintings giving rise to the cycle of the Isole. In the seventies, during a trip to England knows Sutherland and holds several solo exhibitions one of which is in London. In the meantime, he began attending the Valsesia, where sets up a studio-home. In 1978 he was invited to the Biennale of Venice and the to the Biennale in S. Paulo, Brazil. During the eighties knows Pino Mongello and Flaminio Gualdoni with whom he starts the of Civica Raccolta del Disegno di Salò. During the nineties is presented in two major personal in Marche and Treviso, organized respectively by critics Elena Pontiggia and Marco Goldin. Among his most important exhibitions remember the staff held at the Gallery Rafanelli (2001), the anthology by Flaminio Gualdoni at the Museo della Permanente in Milan (2003), the solo at the Gallery Guastalla in Milan (2006) presented by the critic Claudio Cerritelli, and the retrospective exhibition of pastels presented by Sandro Parmiggiani at Palazzo Magnani in Reggio Emilia (2006). In 2007, there is an important solo exhibition at the Grande Miglio in Castello in Bresca and another at the Galleria Rafanelli of Genoa. In 2008 Forgioli exhibited at Galleria Cento in Civitanova Marche, at the Casa del Mantegna in Mantova and back to the Museo della Permanente in Milan with a tribute in memory of the painter Lino Marzulli. Attilio Forgioli alternates his work as a painter between the studios of Milan and the one of Alagna in the Val Sesia.