International contemporary
art fair

Bologna - Artefiera 2007

"Being a sponsor of a major exhibition, as well as supporting the work of some of the most important Italian artists, for us it meant, and means more, not only make a real contribution, but also recognize identity of inspiration between the creative aspect of our work and the one that led to the genesis of the great masterpieces of art. We have therefore decided to support Art Fair "ArtFirst 2007," for the great prestige of this event, together with the extraordinary quality of the proposed works. " The choice of Euromobil Group to participate in the event's main sponsor an event of great interest is undoubtedly linked to the importance it assumes in an artistic context of prestige and widespread interest, since Bologna Art Fair one of the first and most important exhibitions international market. It therefore becomes important to the choice made by the brothers Lucchetta to communicate their commitment to the world of contemporary art in a home so prestigious. During the edition of 2007 Euromobil welcomes visitors to a resting place called "Places of art." It is a structured and modular structure built by architects Roberto Gobbo and Edoardo Gherardi. At the center of a large platform area there is a comfortable lounge atmosphere, furnished with sofas blacks, while the sides are willing totems imprinted with images of the major museums that have accepted the main artistic events made by Euromobil: the Louvre Museum in Paris with the exhibition of Leonardo, the Guggenheim in Bilbao with the installation of Plessi, the Orsay Museum for the exhibition of French Daguerreotype, the Correr Museum in Venice again Plessi and fascinating exhibition Waterfire, the Hermitage Museum St. Petersburg for the display of Augusto Murer in 1986 and Alberto Biasi in 2006, the Museum of Santa Giulia in Brescia, with countless exhibitions curated by Marco Goldin and finally the House of Mantegna in Mantua with displays of Julio Alberto Biasi and Le Parc Essentially, it was also the communication support offered by the critic Phippe Daverio: through the video he returned to the public regarding visitors integral sense of commitment and passion that Lucchetta brothers and Euromobil Group established by art.